Box Tops University 2011

Minneapolis is wonderful! It is a beautiful place with a lot of amazing - 10,000 Lakes!

It was joy to join other bloggers at the General Mills World Headquarters to attend the Box Tops University 2011! We are "Box Top clippers!" So this was an awesome experience.

Here we are on Lake Minnetonka on a great Dinner Cruise. So relaxing and we got to meet part of the General Mills team and other MomBloggers who are passionate about Box Tops for Education.

Look at Minneapolis in the Summertime.

You need to know:
Box Tops paid $59 Million dollars LAST YEAR to schools in 2010! That's right! They are vested in education and families.

Hanes partners with Box Tops in 2011 - order Field Day Tees, Field Trip Tees, etc. and get BoxTops!

Green Giant brings FRESH produce into Box Tops program! Ground breaking healthy living here!

Are you a box top clipping family?!

Warmly, Carolina Mama

*Thank you General Mills and Box Tops for inviting and hosting me. My love of the Box Tops is long lasting and personal.

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