Happy Father's Day to My Boulder Mountain Man

Happy Father's Day to my Boulder Mountain Man!

We've been doing this parenting thing for 11 years now!  So thankful for so many thinks about you!

They swim in the freezing mountain lake together.

Our sons are blessed to have such a great man in their lives.  He has ALWAYS taken part in everything they do thus we do!   Thank you for leading us!  We dedicate Santus Real's "Lead Me!" to you!

 They love to work with Daddy....

And work hard unloading luggage....

Ice Skate with Daddy. 

He plays Pirates with them! 

They Fly Fish....

More family time!

Father and Sons.... makes this happy face that loves Boulder Mountain Man! 

Thankful for each day as a family! 

Daddy and Son and Mickey! 

... SonS! :)

They play musical instruments at home, in church and at Disney!

He gets the boys ready with ties...!


We are family!

He Clogs in the North Carolina Mountains with Mom!

Mommy and Daddy! 

Supporting Mommy in her 5K!

Christmas tree shopping together!

We are blessed to have you in our lives Every day!  You are a Father who Leads us!  We are thankful! xoxo  Happy Father's Day!!

Warmly, Carolina Mama

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