Cars 2 Media Screening Raleigh

Greetings from Disney's Cars 2 Raleigh Screening! 

For starters, notice my boys in this picture, yes, they made sure to find their Cars Tees and Disney! :) Love that! 

This weekend we were so excited to join in on the Cars 2 Media Screening Raleigh at the lovely Marbles Kids Museum IMAX Raleigh!

It was great to take the family and view the screening with other North Carolina Mom Bloggers!  Our boys grew up with Cars! so we were thrilled to check out Cars 2.  They are 10 years old now so they loved Cars 2.  There was a lot going on in the movie.  Personally, I loved "the world tour" and France in particular.  Otherwise, due to the action, I'd rate this Movie P-G.

All of the Raleigh Moms agreed it was better suited for older kids.  Mine! :) So I was fortunate. I felt like at 10, they were the perfect age to take it all in.  All the other Moms had younger children, that Cars is more suited for so if you're like us and they grew up with Cars. They grow up with the rating.

Anyway, here's the trailer that starts the movie... check it out.

If you'd like a really in depth Review from an awesome Blogger friend, Katja of Skimbaco take a read of her review and enjoy!

Are you going to Cars 2?  

Warmly, Carolina Mama

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An Island Mom said...

We're so excited to see it too. My boys are slightly younger than yours, but have basically grown up with Cars too. We just watched the original Cars to "rev up" for the new one. How fun to see it with a group, and fellow bloggers at that!