Steve Scheibner Pilot Bumped from Flight 11 on 9/11

On September 11, 2001, I was feeding our twin sons, 5 month olds, breakfast. During our marriage (12 years this month!) we have never had cable, I know! No TV! It's a beautiful thing. (In NC we now receive a few local channels so I am guaranteed a Biggest Loser viewing and a few football games. :)

In 2001, a new neighbor moved in and somehow our cable was turned on inadvertently. I had uncharacteristically turned on the morning news - I am still happy the babies were in the other room as I could see the TV from the kitchen. They could not. :)

Nonetheless, like so many of us, I saw terrorism attack our nation live. My husband was at the University and called me like he often does during the day. He had not heard. Today, we hiked in our free country and thanked God for America.

Though we all will never forget, I will never cease to be amazed at the miracles and redemption God has done turning this American tragedy into hope and healing.

American Airlines Pilot, First Officer for American Airlines, Steve Scheibner is also a Pastor,  Parenting Matters Founder Speaker with his wife, Megan and was scheduled to fly Flight 11 on September 11th.

Recently, he spoke at our church and shared his story. It is captivating as he knows he was scheduled to be in the plane that crashed the first World Trade Center. He calls the pilots and flight attendants of Flight 11 his friends.

It is powerful to hear him speak of knowing what it is like to have two people die in his place. One Jesus Christ and the other being the Pilot who bumped him and flew in his place on 9/11. Now, he asks the question, "what are you here for?" "are you making your days count?" Inspiring and life-changing.

I am reminded that God has me here for "such a time as this." And I want to serve Him well each day. Even days like today where I was an ordinary American Mom, hiking with my family, cleaning house, making a homemade meal, baking with my boys and more.

I know that I am here to raise these spirited, hilarious, brilliant, active, full-speed-ahead boys - the Tigers - for Him. Amazing, exciting and consuming. Boulder Mountain Man and I pray that He will guide us with the strength and fortitude to "raise 'em right!"

I want it to count for Him because I know what it is like to have one man die in my place and that makes all the difference.

So 9/11, you made us stronger, you made us more free because we savor that freedom each day, you made us more grateful and more longing for heaven like never before 9/11. And my you come to know Him in a mighty way. Do you know him?

To learn more about Steve and Megan Scheiber go to Character Health and Parenting Matters

Please share your 9/11 with us whether past or present.  

Warmly, Carolina Mama

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