So You Want To Start A Blog

So You Want To Start A Blog

It was a warm Southern afternoon in 2006, I moved from reading blogs for information to writing blogs. I've been writing blogs and content ever since. Opposite of a lot of bloggers, I came to blogging to gather information. Then I began to give information. That fact has shaped how I view blogging. I knew early on the power of the blog.

As a writer, I love words, written, spoken, pondered. So writing a blog stuck for me. It was a way I could give back and make a contribution and have a blast all at the same time.

Here are a few tips and ideas to get you started for my friends who have asked about blogging.

1) Know yourself;
2) Be true to yourself;
3) Follow your heart;
4) Chose a topic that interests you and your family and friends; who is your audience;
6) Use your own content and pictures - plagiarism is the same online - integrity matters;
7) Be authentic;
8) Avoid getting isolated and just interacting online;
9) Decide how often you want to post and stick to it;
10) Other pointers are listed below in more detail.
11) Say what you want to say and don't allow cyber bullying;
12) Overall, Enjoy!

Let me forewarn you blogging can be time consuming. Just as it is a wonderful world of information to be had online, it is time consuming. Be discerning. All blogs and sites are not the same. So use your time wisely. As a rule do not click links that look suspicious or come form out-of-the-blue people or strangers.

One of my lifetime lessons that applies to Blogging well is patience. Be patience. Let your blog develop and your online communications develop naturally. Comment on the blogs you like - briefly. Decide beforehand how much time you will spend on this.

Be aware there are evil ones who are not online for altruistic purposes. I chose to make my blog private at first. This is what I was comfortable with at the time. Think about it and decide for yourself and your family. I made the decision with my husband and considered our children. We did make the decision to make our blog(s) public. It is an individual decision.

You can make your blog private and give out your password to those you approve and go from there. It is simple to change it in the game. We made the decision to not use our "IRL" - in real life names. This is a good practice. If you are using the blog for business purposes that may be different. For blog purposes, it is standard to not use your names.

Use your "About Page" to share what you want your blog to represent. Let it capture you and the essence of life. We do not need more of the same or cookie cutter blogs. :) When writing, save often.

You can set your blog up free at It is a simple few steps to becoming a blogger! Take your time. Remember patience! Enjoy!

Hope this helps! Did I leave anything out that you were looking for today? If you have questions please feel free to leave them in the comments or email me form my contact page. All the best and most of all Have fun!

Warmly, Carolina Mama


Beth in NC said...

I think you covered it all -- great advice!

Net Strand said...

Mom Bloggers take this advice and follow Carolina Mama. She knows her stuff and she was in on the Mom Blog Trend from the start.
Business Owners in NC, have her blog for you! She has honest and straight forward reviews and loyal readers.
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