MomBloggers Ambassador Program at Ocean Isle Inn

Hello Mom Bloggers, Social Media Mom and PR Companies:

So excited that this awesome and quaint North Carolina Inn is doing social media right!  Today, I get to attend the Ocean Isle Inn, Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina MomBloggers Ambassador Event Planning Program!  

Very thrilled to be in this venture with Jennifer of One Moms World and Amy of  A Million Boxes!   This Inn has embraced Social Media Moms in a way that other companies and PR firms can take note from - the believe in relationships!  And relationships build their brand.  It works!

Look forward to exciting news from us.  We're taking the Tigers and the Home School on the road - Beach School.  Life at its finest!  It is amazing how well they study, read and explore when we are on location.  Of course, we've got the back packs filled, the computer at the ready.  So we're off.

Of yes, One Moms World is bringing homemade Pumpkin Muffins and I'm taking the Starbucks!  We know how to have fun!  What's your week looking like?  

Do you have a company you love working with through social media channels?  There are many who work well with MomBloggers, DadBloggers, Writers and Vloggers.  Who is engaging well with you?  And who would you like to see take these tools to the next level?  What would you like to see in an Ambassador's Program?  Stay tuned. 

Warmly, Carolina Mama

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Eric Strand said...

Wow, you ladies know how to do social media, beachside. Any room for dads?