Seventh Generation Giveaway

Protect Planet Home!

You know Boulder Mountain Man over at Eat This Recycle That, love to walk lightly and help preserve our planet.

Seventh Generation is one of our favorite green companies.  Their products are, non-toxic all-purpose cleaners.  They are so wholesome there is a guilt-free, worry-free feeling with using their home products.  It is nice to clean and not worry about the effects on your small children and family.  They want to "help you protect your world with safe and effective household products."  And they do!

We love their products.  They are simple, safe and sparkly clean.  Perfection!

Thanks to BlogSpark and Seventh Generation not only did we receive household cleaning kits - one lucky Winner will win the Giveaway!

Here's how you enter :

1)  What's your number one cleaning Tip, leave it in comments; and
2)  Tweet this link for others to learn more about Seventh Gen.

Enjoy a little Fall Cleaning!  Good luck and Happy Cleaning!  Do you support Green Companies like Seventh Generation?

Warmly, Carolina Mama


Customer Service Numbers said...

Great Company! I just added them to customer service numbers. Also, we do use their products and they work. It is important for green products to be a useful as their not-so-green counterparts.

Anonymous said...

Clean from the top down, and do it regularly :) *Thanks* for the giveaway!

Anonymous said...

Tweeted the giveaway

Nanette ~ A Mom Blog said...

Tip: Dust from top shelves to bottom shelves.

Niecey said...

My number one cleaning tip - clean windows with vinegar in a spray bottle and wipe with crushed newspaper. It works better than any expensive product ever could.

Niecey said...

I tweeted

Jessica said...

Clean as you go. While I'm cooking dinner I clean up as a go work so after dinner I don't have as much to clean.

Debbie said...

I add vinegar to all my cleaning solutions. It cuts odours, and cuts through the grease.

Debbie said...

Oops, I forgot my email in the last post
I tweeted

Carolina Mama said...

The Winner is Lucky Lady Bug!

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