Silk Soy Milk Goodness Is Great!

For years I was Vegetarian! Really, way before it was the thing to do. In other words, I helped pioneer vegetarianism! Well, sort of.

So for fourteen years, yes, 14 years, I was a Vegetarian who did not crave a burger, or beef or whatever else. Even chicken. I was happily clicking along thankfully, with dairy and all the other amazing vegetarian options in the world including [my heart throbs] seafood!

It was during these years that I discovered amazing soy products that were great for your health! Products like Morning Star Farms.

And Silk Soy Milk!

Soy is a great way to begin eating in a healthier way!

"At Silk, our philosophy is different, but it's not new. It all started nearly two decades ago in Boulder, Colorado."

Of course, since I lived in Boulder, Colorado at the time, EVERYone Loved Silk Soy! And the Silk Soy Milk is divine! I remember trying the vegan diet for a while (non-dairy) and I used the Silk Soy Milk in my coffee. It was great, which reminds me maybe I'll try that again soon. By the way, the "vegan" diet is not for me. I just missed my dairy too much. It was fun to try it.

Also, we have given The Tigers Silk Soy Milk and they love the Chocolate the best! Now, we are all stocked up on the three flavors, vanilla, chocolate and the amazing almond for summertime smoothies! Yummo!

It was also a delight that Silk Soy Milk invited us to a webinar with Terra Wellington author of "Guide To Growing Your Family Green!" I am reading it now and it is as fascinating as she is. Terra has awesome ideas to implement.

*Silk Soy Milk and Terra Wellington sponsored me for this post. The opinions and enthusiasm are all my own!


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Shannon said...

Are you still a vegetarian?