Second Grade Library Fun

Recently, we made one of our regular visits to our neighborhood library. We had breakfast at Starbucks and meandered over. Throughout the morning the boys were doing all these cute photo moment things. And I was just bumming I had not at least grabbed my purse camera. I mean I have these things - let's use them right.

I am sure other mommybloggers know the exact sentiment.

Then I was hanging out with my Mac at the Starbucks patio cafe while the boys colored, and it occurred to me to iPhoto them! Why not! Talk about taking "Moms will do anything" to get a picture of their darlings - to a new level - That was me.

So there I was following the TIgers around with my notebook opened up towards them! I mean the business men/people around us most likely thought I was forcing them into entrepreneurship or authorship at an early age.

The best was when I realized I could turn off the 'count down' so that they couldn't 'hear' me photo them and thus lose my spontaneity. It was fun. I caught this one of them gazing over books together. Totally candid and they loved the ships and boats they were looking at right then.

So the moral of the story is that my Photo Booth is an expensive way to get some photos of the TIgers. Yet, looking at this picture, it is so worth it. And as long as I don't trip chasing them. If you see a Mommy chasing two really cute Tigers with her laptop open facing them... just say Hi. Unless you don't want me to take your picture.


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Smelling Coffee said...

How funny - whatever works! And what great pictures. They are quite the handsome tigers!