Lemonade and The Tigers

There's more to the story. Here's the rest of the story regarding our weekend - 10th Anniversary weekend!

Firstly, let me say it's a great thing that we have been celebrating for a month - ever since Charleston. Thankfully, it has been a grand month.
Because the rest of the story is that our weekend, the actual anniversary day - Friday started out super fancy - it sounded like this at breakfast that morning,
"Mom, look at the sink!" as one of the Tigers carried his breakfast dishes to the sink. Yikes his brother was an 'early responder.' At this point, I knew it was serious and time to investigate the matter.

Both sinks magically filled up on their own... I have no idea.

So I grab by perrrrty kitchen gloves and grab the one saucer and fork, literally, out of the sink. And begin to run the disposal to clear the sinks when the Tigers shout, "OH mom, you won't believe this ..." and they were standing in the hallway.... well, we were welcomed with an inch or more of water. The only 'live' water usage was the one load of laundry in the washer.

I turned off the washer and proceeded to call for help. The long and short of it after three professionals working on our floors.

Did you know how quickly water travels and damages? Wow, I was amazed. We were home and able to quickly 'mop' it all up and still it saturated the walls, floors, and the story is not over yet. I just thought of Katrina and Ike ya'll. Right! How could we complain when just look at Ike's devastation.

We may have to have that portion of the hardwood floors replaced. We have had generators, fans, all these industrial things in our home blowing a.l.l week.end long! Did you hear me! So we have spent an inexorbant amount of time out of our home this weekend. For homebodies, that's a tough one. Although we had a lot of fun!

And Carolina Mama got another weekend break from cooking! That's all good.

At one point we had just completed an awesome hike and were talking about "Fall " is here and what a great time of year it is, when I again, reminded them of our blessings. We were home, the workers arrived quickly. You know, even though these fans and dehumidifiers are as loud as a train, we have so much to be thankful for today, etc.

I got ambitious and thought I would introduce the 'lemonade analogy' to the Tigers. After all, they're 7 and a half. "The 'overflow' was the lemon. The quick workers is the lemonade. The loud noise is the lemon and the hiking and fun is the lemonade." They replied, "Cool!"

Since they seemed to grasp the concept, I thought why not add the spiritual dimension. "You know, Jesus is like that, He's our lemonade" I went on with my analogy. Then they began hilariously laughing, "Then we just drink Him right up!" And when they get going they are g.o.n.e! Just like my little analogy.

Although, as I write this, how true, we could/should just "drink Him right up!" ;) From the mouthes of seven year olds!



a Tonggu Momma said...

We SHOULD just drink Him right up!!! Your twins are brilliant.

As to the mini-flood in your home - I'm so sorry. Well, as you said, at least you got a break from cooking!

Shannon said...

Sorry about the water damage. You'll be surprised how much they remember from your analogy, when you least expect it, they will use it correctly. Boys just don't show that they retained a lesson sometimes.... but isn't that what makes them so much fun!

Smelling Coffee said...

How great that you were able to celebrate your anniversary BEFORE the flood issue! God is so good! And, your boys are so cute. :-)

We've had something like that happen here, and it turned out to be a blessing - we needed some new carpet. :-) But, I'm sorry about this stress, and pray peace over your home this week as you seek to return it to "normal".

Sandy Toes said...

What a great posting and smart boys! Hope you can get cleaned up quickly! We were in a flood 5 yrs ago..not fun!
-Sandy Toes

Genny said...

What a cute story! Loved how you used the analogy!