Me Now and Well Yearbook-ed Ago

Look what my friend Jennifer and I discovered this weekend. Well, maybe we all did since it seems to be the latest craze. Here I am Circa 2008 with a "YearBookYourself" touch 1974. It's kinda funny because I actually wear my hair this way when it is a little longer. So it could be a Circa 2000 picture for sure.

I only did this one and I think I'll be going back for more - it's too fun. And it would be fun to see Mountain Man and the Tigers.

That's about it for a Monday after a great weekend!



Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Ooh, cute! I tried this the other day and it was pretty hilarious. :)

Smelling Coffee said...

Cute! I found that once your face is in the hairstyle, if you'll run your cursor across the bottom of the picture, it will pull up buttons for you to move your face around a little more, and that makes a huge difference.

It was really fun! Can't wait to see more! ;)

Shannon said...

Very cute!!!

Debbie said...

Someone sent me this link having added their picture. It was such fun to look at and not as scarey as I thought it would be! How fun is that.