Works-For-Me-Wednesday - Battling Boredom This Summer

With four days left of school, I am quickly joining all the other moms with discovering one more great idea for beating boredom this summer. Maybe even learning something in the mean time. Reading extra or just having an awesome list to chose from when the time comes.

Honestly, we can't visualize 'boredom' here. We're all so eager to let the Summer begin. However, to ensure the creativity, I've joined in on my first ever "Works For Me Wednesday." Though I've been a regular reader of Rocks In My Dryer for some time, this Wednesday, I'm feel the need.

Here's one great thing we're planning to do and the boys can't stop talking about it. The Tigers are in the 1st grade. I help at school on Thursdays with their Centers and Book-and-a-Bite. The Center time is fun for them. They rotate, computers, reading, etc. So when we were talking about the things we wanted to do this summer that we already do at school. Computers, Reading and Writing came up. So Carolina Mama and Tigers will be holding "Summer Centers" all summer with their favorite school activities. Top of the list: computers, reading and writing. And I plan to work a little arithmetic in there for posterity. This "Works For Me Wednesday" and I'm happy to share it.

Let me know if you participate in WFMW. Check it out here @ Rocks In My Dryer.

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