Going Global With IAFL India - From Carolina to well, India

Father's Day had me focusing on the men in my family. It occurred to me that there are five men family and friends of ours who recently have work and/or a business in India, right now. And my girlfriend's husband Raj is a native and first generation American. Fortune 500 companies are increasingly having a presence in India. At Carolina Mama, I find that fascinating. Isn't it cool! It takes 'going global' to a whole new level for me. Just ten years ago, I did not have that reality. "It's a small world" takes on a whole new meaning. Where would Carolina Mama even begin?

Well, check this out - I discovered IAFL India, a company that has Interpretation and Translation Services. IAFL India is India based company offering India translation, interpretation and subtitling services. They have Indian translations, Arabic translation, Farsi translation and Hindi translation and interpretation services. And they do subtitling. Being a New Orleans native, I typically use French subtitles, now, voila, we can have our own at this IAFL India company. And that makes the world feel a bit smaller. And me a whole lot smarter. So the next time I talk with my girlfriend's husband, Raj, I am not going to have as many questions to ask. If I do, maybe I'll just consult IAFL India for a little interpretation. ;)

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