BooMama's Before and After at CarolinaMama

Okay, I'm in. It's a little scary, it's also a little and a lot necessary. :) I'm joining in on BooMama's Before and After and in her own words "It'll be just like HGTV. Except for the TV part." :) That's even better.

Another movating factor, that my wonderful brother and his family are coming to Carolina Mama and family's for July 4th. We're all excited and gleeful with anticipation... and there are also a couple of things that need to be done before said family fun.

Here's what I plan to do have to do by then. Oh, one more thing for all of you home improvement experts, no judgments on the length of this here little list.

*** Move and situate dresser and chest of drawers/furniture in the Master Bedroom. This is larger than it seems. Let me give a little detail here. This is a bigger feat than it seems. It's a total switch out - incoming dresser and chest of drawers = outgoing dresser and chest of drawers. It takes " manpower Mountain Man power" and a whole lot of organizing on Carolina Mama's part. Give away, throw away, etc.

Are you in? Go here to join the fun.


Kelsey S said...

Good Luck!!


baby~amore' said...

good luck I am having trouble getting started on mine.
It will feel good once I do...

Your sons are adorable tigers ;)

Colored With Memories said...

Enjoy your sort/toss fest! We just finished ours and it feels oh so good!