Tar Heels Take It To Omaha To Win

Tar Heels are taking it to Omaha to win! OK, we're still talking about it, excited about it and waiting to win. We're counting on it. Sipping on sweet tea while we visualize our victory.

And the Tigers have charged full-on into Summer. We've completed another year with Habitat Exhibits, Tiger A - Emperor Penguins. Not your ordinary Penguins, Emperor Penguins and they are four feet tall, at least. Tiger B - Walruses. And Walruses group together and to put it in the words of my very astute first grader, they 'cuddle up together.' Complete with snow! It was a fine time as our temperatures soared past 100 degrees.

We also celebrated Family Picnic - indoors - and it was so nice. Didn't miss the heat one bit. Can we just keep going here? Just to make sure our kids know we love them, and you know they aren't deprived or anything, we then had an Ice Cream Sundae finale. It was a really fun, rewarding, busy and exciting time. Can I just tell you Carolina Mama is ready for summer.

Now excuse me, we're off to the Beach for a while - unplugged. Don't expect it. However, I'll be looking to use my Starbucks Wi-Fi on the way. ;)

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