North Carolina Snow

Here's a report of our snow this weekend!  Let me just say that my uppity-former-Colorado-living-self
left the camera at home on our excursion at the lake in the snow... thinking 'it's not enough to show up.'
Well, let's just say those moments are to be lived and well remembered. 
We truly had a wonderful time on Saturday tromping through the woods in a steady snow fall.  It was
picturesque.  Yes, we wanted more.  Yes, the boys wanted to sled every minute asking, "Is it going to
be enough to sled?" 
This is a shot of the day after and we were freezing our tushes off here in the South.  Love it but don't
want to live it ten months of the year. :) 

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Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hey, Carolina, I see you are new to blogging too. thanks for stopping by! Got your email about the crockpot, so see my reply.

So nice to meet another Southern girl! I hope you'll come back & visit often.