Happy for Good Health

Happily we report a good prognosis for our Cherub.  And for the record, he is back to his usual "Tiger" self. 
Believe me, that is such a good thing.  At any rate, the good Doctor, said that his pneumonia is virtually
gone.  He feels the Reactive Airways Disease issues were pneumonia related.  And therefore, since the
pneumonia is gone, so can the 'treatments via nebulizer be gone!'  We are thankful for that.  Thank you to
everyone who has been lifting our son up in prayer.  Prayer works.  And we're back to our regular family
activities which include but are not limited to constant running, throwing footballs while kicking soccer balls,
trail biking while well, flying airplanes.  Putting out fires, rescuing animals, people and anything else we
can physically do while running wild with our imaginations!
As the Mom, I feel like our year just started.  I mean I always need that week of limbo to reflect on the
year just past and to behold the New Year!  As you know, this year on New Year's Eve we jumped right in.
We were at the doctor's one moment expecting to hear a virus would finish in a day or two.  We left with nebulizer's,
three prescriptions, and a world that spins a little differently.  During those days, I knew the same God who created my children
and me, the same God who brought these perfect twins sons to us full term.  The same God who totally surprised
us in the first place with these little people.  He could take care of my son and our little family.  I knew in my
heart, whatever He called us to, He would absolultey give us the grace to meet Him there. 
Does He have my attention?  Does He speak to me?  Does He care for His own?  A hundred times yes.  And as we
march on into this year.  I feel we got a little extra training camp, an extra boost of reminder that He holds
tomorrow.  Whatever any of our tomorrows look like this year.  In my human frailty sense, that's an uncertainty.
In my Child of the King sense, that's awesome!  And it's all I need. 
Oh, and Lord, 2008's yours!

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