Just Yelling @ My Blue Tooth :)

Love my handsfree Blue Tooth Set.  However, I am being caught about town yelling into the air.
"No"  "No"  "Yes!"  "Yes, Mobile 1!"  Everyone but me finds this amusing.  The Cherubs fine it
confusing.  When out of the 'blue' Mom yells out "No" when, to their defense, they are com.pl.e.tly
We're getting the hang of Mr. Blue Tooth.  Yet, I have to report, he has a mind of his own.  Like
when I say call home, "yes, home."  How many ways can you say HOME!  And they don't have a
Southern Dialect version of the lovely blue tooth.  Otherwise ya'll, I would be doing fine.  "Call
home, ok, now!" 

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