Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Day

0 Trans Fat, 100% Delicious,  Think About It
Today was a Krispy Kreme Day.  And this is history ya'll.
In all of my New Orleans native life, I didn't realize that Vernon
Rudolph bought a secret yeast-raised doughnut recipe from a French
chef from New Orleans!  Now that explains a lot.  And that will
save me lots of dollars in counseling to figure out my issues. 
Just tell me if your father was from the Beignet capital and your
mother was from the Krispy Kreme Doughnut Kingdom... would
you have any more questions.  Here I just thought I had my usual
day-in-the-life blog-fodder and "think about it" we're understanding
my history here.  And a lot of other things. 
At any rate, now that I know I can really pat myself on the back for not
giving into the hankering for a genuine Krispy Kreme Doughnut until
today.  Usually there's a trigger, and I'll tell you it was Christmas.  We drove right
by at Christmastime when we were out looking at lights.  Didn't even put on the
brakes (ok, I'll admit I wasn't the one driving or we would have been right
in the drive through!).   
So with all that family history explaining things, I really have resisted for quite some
time now.  Well, today I really wanted the full experience so I parked and took
that 'high road' and did walk up.  Of course, it's much more fun to look at all the pretty
colors.  And little did I know to look at the concoctions being created right before
my eyes.  Just like ... you've got it... Cafe Du Monde New Orleans.  Immediately, I
envisioned making a field trip out of this for the Cherubs. 
Better yet, bring them back a fresh hot doughnut.  As I asked the
madam the price point on a half dozen - clearly I was having two doughnuts right
now for lunch.  So why not include the whole family with a half-dozen.  That was a
great plan except she informs me it is best to purchase an entire dozen for .49 more
than the half-dozen.  No problem here.  We've got variety now. 
0 Trans Fat, 100% Delicious ... Think About It

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