Answered Prayer!

Thanking God for answered prayers! We are so grateful for his mercies in healing our
son through this proceedure. The doctor was very accurate and capable. Our son was
calm and really a big boy six-year-old boy today. We had excellent doctors and care.
After the surgery, when I first saw him, he was so happy and relaxed. Other than saying
he was glad to see us and that nothing hurt. The next thing he declared, in a realatively
matter-of-fact way was that he now wanted to be a Doctor rather than a Vetenarian.

This came for us just on the heels of Rick Burgess' two-year-old sons homegoing and funeral.
Almost like reading scripture, I devoured the funeral where this father speaks so eloquently
at his sons funeral. Go here: It really
spoke to me they way he said they attempted to raise their children as warriors for Christ/their
faith. "And we didn't know that he would take our warrior, the baby." How powerful! As I
prayed, and thought about the "ifs" that today could hold, I couldn't help but think am I prepared
to make that kind of surrender of my precious little one to further His kindgom if He called.

So today, there came a moment when I was to confirm the extra clothes were indeed in our car.
Walking out into a flawless, Carolina blue sky, I looked up.... oh when we look up. And again, I
found myself wanting to make that effort to have that faith to surrender my little warrior today.
And so as I looked at the dome of the building across from us in this splendor our Creator hath made,
I surrendered (for me there have been numerous times already in the lives of our children and undoubtedly
will be more). Honestly, I didn't know what that would look like today. And honestly, as He will always
do He gave me that faith to believe that He would carry me through whatever His divine plan would be!
And the heavens sang. Hallelujah, there is something about those moments. May I hold onto this
reminder of how He wants us to live each day committed to Him.

Thank you all who have prayed, emailed and supported us at this time. I always stand in awe of the ways of our Lord.
This reminds me of a new favorite verse that describes my desire as I seek His plan each day: May we be
"Joyful in hope, patient in affliction, and faithful in prayer." Romans 12:12 To Him be glory forever and ever, Amen!

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