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Kayaking with Hot Was Surf Shop Emerald Isle, NC CarolinaMama Family

One our recent trip to Emerald Isle, North Carolina, Hot Wax Surf got word we're an active family and they invited us to Kayak the White Oak River!  Was there any question! What a treat. We love kayaking and hadn't been in a while so the boys had grown so much they had their own Kayaks. They were in kinda of a sporting heaven. So, really, we all were.

Hot Wax Surf Shop Owner, Mike Crews, Welcomed CarolinaMama and Family

The How Wax Surf Shop Owner, Mike Crews, welcomed us to the shore. He founded and has owned and operated the shop for 29 years! He has a wonderful business and professional manner about him. He is also very knowledgeable.  Here is a link to his website where he is Director.
Mike Crews, Director of Hot Wax Surf Shop 

We had the perfect weather.  Our family was so thrilled to take on this adventure together.  We met at Hot Wax Surf Shop on Saturday morning and were met by a friendly staff who got us set up. Then, the Instructor Sarah lead the caravan to Kayak! In a few minutes, we arrived here.

The site to launch was so serene and peaceful. We were ready for a Saturday morn kayaking adventure. We got instructions and were taught safety first! We were very comfortable at this point. 

The instructor got us all settled. WE were so happy to be on the water. I have to encourage you to just do it. This was so simple and well done. We all felt comfortable. We did have life vests - however, we kayaked the sound which was 2 to 3 feet and we all are swimmers so we just rode with them. :)

Here we are all out on the Water! :) Kayaking! We had a perfect day! Our Instructor took pictures, too. Hot Wax Surf takes wonderful pictures and you can purchase them after the event. Here is a favorite of ours! Our boys and so much fun! We loved seeing them enjoying the water! Sarah was a great Instructor. The three of them had their own pace award of us. It was fun to leisurely kayak along.

This is another great photo of us enjoying the Kayaking adventure. Our boys were so thrilled to man their own kayaks this time!

My sweet husband and I had a blast! We were safe and enjoyed the challenge all at once. 

The marshes were beautiful. One of ours was an explorer. 

Okay, they both were! We had a lot of time on the water! 

Always time for a selfie! And I kept my iPhone dry! Kudos! 
I was thrilled Mike got so many photos! That way I didn't have to worry about getting my phone wet .
Or, lost. :) 

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Plan your adventure with Hot Wax Surf and Paddle Shop Emerald Isle, NC and you will be delighted! We were so pleased to get to work together with them. Go for some adventure,  you'll be glad. 

Thank you Mike and Crew. :) 

Warmly, Carolina Mama

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