New: VeggieTales Plush Toys

Guest Post by On Location Writer, Heidi Haynes of Charleston, South Carolina. 

Veggie Tales CarolinaMama and Friends 

As a Mom of young children who LOVE Veggie Tales, we are so excited about the NEW Veggie Tales Plush Toys Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber!

Veggie Tales Plush Bob the Tomato CarolinaMama 
and Larry the Cucumber!

Veggie Tales Plush Larry the Cucumber CarolinaMama 

Our children were so excited when the package arrived. They LOVE them!  Veggie Tales has such great ideas with their characters and these PLUSH toys of the characters are wonderful for small children. It really brings Veggie Tales to life. 

As a young mom, I am always looking for fun, unique ways to teach my children the Bible! I love that Veggie Tales helps me do just that! These plush toys are great - they are soft and cuddly!
Perfect for children. 

The kids can hold them as they sing along to all the fun VeggieTales songs! They use their imagination to pretend Bob and Larry are really singing and talking to each other! I like to use my best imitation voice to join in the fun. The kids don't think I am a good imitator- and I agree- but we sure do have a good time anyway! 

Shop for your own Veggie Tales PLUSH Toys here. 

Veggie tales is great about having fun and instructional lessons for children. We love teaching our children and letting them learn from the Veggie Tales DVDs and these NEW Plush stuffties. 

Thanks so much, Bob and Larry! Until next time!"

Warmly,  Heidi and Carolina Mama

FTC Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Veggie Tales. All opinions are genuine of the author.

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