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We love great food.  When we are traveling, great food is part of the anticipation!  And when we're at the Beach vacationing, the seafood has to be incredible.  We were excited to find the most awesome seafood at Amos Mosquito's, Atlantic Beach, North Carolina.  Amos Mosquito's has a story to their legendary name and food. They have impressed the Crystal Coast of North Carolina with the freshest and most delectable seafood for years now.

It was a beautiful Spring night as we arrived at sunset. Our wait was short for a Friday night! 
We put our name on the list and only had a 25 minutes wait. It was worth it indeed! 

The wait was no problem as we enjoyed the gazebo and company while we watched 
the sunset there on the marshes. Magical. 

The Co-Owners greeted us at the door. They were so friendly and energetic and involved in keeping Amos Mosquito's in excellent operating condition and serving the best seafood. 

Dave and Sandy, Amos Mosquito's Owners Welcome CarolinaMama and Family
Atlantic Beach, North Carolina #MyCrystalCoast

We loved reading the history and the ambiance of the Amos Mosquito's.  This was hilarious. 
The decor made for such an convivial atmosphere. They definitely have corner on the market with mosquitoes. I mean it has to be incredible to make a mosquito so famous! 

The restaurant is a little red house with a big delivery of flavor and service. You feel right at home.

How did the name Amos Mosquito's come about, you asked. We have to share it straight from the website, it's that good. 


Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Amos who?
A mosquito!

Not very funny, but it really is where we got our name. We had a picturesque, waterfront location. We had a unique, outdoorsy decor theme. We had a good start on a tasty menu. And, we had a long list of really bad names for a restaurant.

During a brainstorming session someone suggested “Skeeter’s”. We all liked it because it went along with our décor, but felt it didn’t sound nice enough to reflect the high quality food and service we planned on providing. That’s when Pam remembered how Hallock would mis-tell this joke: Hallock always said “Amos Mosquito” instead of “a mosquito.”
A lot has changed since then, but one thing has remained the same. Our food is always better than our jokes. 

And so it is! Read more about the Owners and the Amos Mosquito's History here. 

Amos Mosquito's Atlantic Beach, NC 

Here is more fun from the decorations. We loved seeing the Spanish Moss decorations. 
The restaurant is on the sound so there are tables available on the water and outdoors. 

Here you can see the spirit of the restaurant and we got all cozied up in the little corner that seated just (4). So it was perfect. We had this view of the windows on the sound. They easily accommodate
large groups and families like ours. We saw couples enjoying the food and atmosphere, as well.

We surely did! :) 

Our server, Dixie, was so helpful to our boys. She answered all of our serious foodie 
questions. :) She was very efficient, professional and knowledgeable. Thank you, Chelsey! She was
very helpful and we even found each other on Instagram.  


Seasoned with sherry, pimientos and green onions, served with toasted baguette

The description says it all about the Warm Cheesy Lobster Dip. We pretty much devoured this one. It had a unique flavor served in its own little cast iron skillet with the toasted baguettes. The boys loved these. 

The Parmesan Sea Scallops with Asparagus and Garlic Potatoes was delicious. 
We loved this unique and indulgent recipe! I'd order this again! 

Our boys LOVE a good Shrimp Platter. The Amos Mosquito's Shrimp platter was most delicious. The shrimp were succulent. We do a lot of trading bites. It's the best way to try everything! :) 

One of our boys ordered the Flounder and Shrimp platter. This was delicious, too. The Flounder was his favorite as it was so flaky and fresh. We all loved it. 

This specialty, "Catch of the Day" was the Tuna Steak with Grilled Shrimp and Scallops. 
This was a treat with a homemade mango sauce that was a highlight. The fresh seafood 
is abundant here. 

The evening hit a climax when we were offered the most amazing Chocolate Peanut Butter
Ice Cream Pie ever made. This was magnificent and we loved splurging. These were calories 
well spent. 

I just love all of the memories we make when we have Family Travel time. It is the simple 
photos like this one that capture the ambiance and the family fun. Thank you Amos Mosquito's for hosting us. We'll be back! 

CarolinaMama and Family at Amos Mosquito's Atlantic Beach, NC 

Definitely plan on a visit to Amos Mosquito's while visiting the Crystal Coast of North Carolina. Atlantic Beach was a short drive from Emerald Isle and is a short drive from Beaufort the other direction. Enjoy the history, service and most of all the memorable atmosphere and seafood!

For you locals, check out the Sushi and Karaoke Night! How fun is that! I mean Sushi and Amos Mosquito's has to be the best combination ever.

Warmly, Carolina Mama

FTC Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Crystal Coast Tourism and Amos Mosquito Restaurant, Atlantic Beach, NC. All opinions are our own. 

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