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The Haynes Family Maternity Photo Shoot 
Charleston, South Carolina
Southern Dreamz Photography, Charleston, SC

Today, I am so honored to share a very professional and beautiful Maternity Photo Shoot from Charleston, South Carolina.  Then, Southern Dreamz Photography, Charleston, SC.....
Mike and Heidi Haynes Charleston, South Carolina
Southern Dreamz Photography

You already know how much we love Charleston, the Old South, the History and Southern Charm of this lovely city. Stephanie found this incredible Charleston gem for our photo shoot, Mepkin Abbey! This is such a treasure!

You have seen my niece, Heidi, here on Carolina Mama Blog as she Guest posts and works on location from Charleston for special events. We are so thankful to have her voice, enthusiasm and now her beautiful style as she shares with us.

"Living outside of historic Charleston, South Carolina, is beautiful. I have seen so many beautiful maternity pictures with our famous oak trees. Some of these oaks date back before George Washington's day. They are so lovely in the background of photo shoots I have seen!  

When my husband and I found out that we were expecting our third child, I secretly hoped that I would be able to get some similar pictures with our family with this pregnancy. Like many moms, I struggle to find a balance with our family's priorities. Personally, I could never justify spending hundreds to thousands of dollars on pictures of myself. However, for the moms who are able to do so, I think that is great!  I always enjoy seeing them. 

Since my due date is getting close, I thought we had missed the opportunity again.  A few weeks ago, I had pretty much given up on the thought that I would get my dream pictures, when one of my friends told me about Stephanie with Southern Dreamz Photography.  My friend really built her up, and since Stephanie's prices are so affordable, I thought, "Ok, now is my chance!"

We were so pleased. I can not tell you how happy our family was with our experience!  If you are a mom, you know that getting pictures taken with children can often be very stressful!  Many photographers already have set shots that they are determined to take, regardless of the clients ideas or preferences.  
We were so realized and having fun. Thank you, Stephanie! 

Southern Dreamz Photography
Charleston, SC

Stephanie of Southern Dreamz Photography was incredible. She listened to all of our ideas.  Stephanie had great ideas as well and lots of them. She was very easy to work with on the photo shoot. She made me feel very comfortable.... and beautiful.   

Mike and Heidi Haynes
Charleston, SC

Everything was all about us. So we felt special. She was there to serve. Look at the detail in her photography. She brought all of these awesome props. She was happy to let us choose to use them or not. We loved them. 

She did not rush us, and we were able to get every single shot that we wanted... plus many more!  I felt so special. 
Southern Dreamz Photography
Maternity Photography Charleston, SC

She brought snacks and bubbles to entertain our kids when I was getting my individual shots!  

She also took the pictures in the mid-morning on a Saturday, which was perfect for us and our schedule! 

God gave us a beautiful day; and taking the pictures in the morning not only allowed us to be comfortable without the sun being in our eyes, but it also allowed the children to be on their best behavior before their nap time. I felt so special, like it was my wedding day all over again!  
I am so thankful!  Here are some more of my favorite pictures!  Enjoy! 

Baby is almost here. I love thinking about her. 

Charleston, SC Maternity Photography

This one is so reminiscent of our Wedding when my nephews, Carolina Mama's Twin Sons, were our Ring Bearers and they covered their eyes while we kissed on our Wedding Day.  Now, there are our own children covering their eyes while we kiss while expecting our third child. Many blessings to be thankful for indeed.

 She captured some precious moments with my amazing husband, Mike, like this one. I love having special moments with him in photo to cherish.

This third pregnancy has been such a blessing. I am thankful I could relax and reflect during this maternity photo shoot with Southern Dreamz. Also, it was beautiful to enjoy this in our lovely city of Charleston, South Carolina.
Carolina Mama Maternity Photos Charleston, South Carolina 

 This was so fun by the water and then Stephanie posted it in sepia which give it a timeless look.

Carolina Mama Maternity Photos
Heidi Haynes Charleston, SC
Southern Dreamz Photography

 I will cherish these forever.

Thank you, Stephanie! This was incredible! Baby Helena Mae, we are ready to meet you! 

Your Brother and Sister are ready to Greet you with so much Love! 

Thank you, Heidi! These were spectacular! We are so excited four Helena May! And all of you. Thank you for sharing and Thank you Stephanie at Southern Dreamz for the incredible photography!

If you would like to book your own photo shoot with Stephanie email here at: Then, check our her Facebook Page: Southern Dreamz Photography. 

Warmly, Carolina Mama

FTC Disclosure:  As stated, Heidi works with Carolina Mama Blog on location in Charleston, South Carolina. All opinions are her own. And I am blessed she is my Niece. 

The Haynes Family, Charleston, SC 

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