Rayovac Halloween Safety Tips For Everyone

Rayovac and Halloween Safety Go Hand-in-Hand.  Rayovac gives us a great way to light up the roads. Rayovac makes the way bright for cars to see pedestrians, all those Trick or Treaters.  It will make Halloween a more fun and safe experience for everyone.

Rayovac Glow In The Dark Flashlights

Here are Halloween Safety Tips to help your family stay safe and enjoy the festivities. 

1)  Light Up the Night with Rayovac.  Seriously, we have loved the many benefits of the bright options Rayovac offers. Check out the Glow in the Dark Flashlight from Rayovac. It's awesome! 

2)  Stay with your Trick or Treaters.  Be the Chaperone. It makes sense to be safe rather than sorry, it gets pretty busy out there. So grab your own Rayovac Flashlight and stay with your crew. I've noticed it is always more fun together and things run more smoothly that way. Add more Glow In The Dark materials like this cool Rayovac Tee Shirt. ;)

3) Talk with your children about Trick or Treat night. Let them know they need to be cautious. Let you know if they are aware of something questionable or too scary. It is not worth the heartache so be proactive with your children.  Let them know to stay together. 

4) Only Trick or Treat in well-lit neighborhoods. We always fall on the side of better be safe than sorry. There are plenty of good neighborhoods that light up well and keep it fun. So seek those out. Even if you finish up your neighborhood, drive to another that is well light and trick or treat a few houses. 

5) Less is More.  Know when to call it a night. Good trick or treating happens earlier. We have guests on Halloween start about 5pm and go until 7:30pm. Enjoy some fun trick or treating and call it a night. More houses and staying out later doesn't mean more fun. 

A little Glow In The Dark Rayovac Tee Shirt always helps things out....  My son loves this! He sleeps in it and brightens it with his Glow In The Dark Flashlight. Yes, he does. :)


BONUS TIP: Always Check the Candy. Only consume wrapped and untampered with items. If you know your friend next door make homemade Popcorn Balls, I'm pretty sure we're not talking about that. Use good and wise judgment. Again, better safe than sorry. 

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Let me know if I left out any of your favorite Halloween Safety Tips.  Enjoy your Halloween and Happy Trick or Treating! Safely, of course.  Happy Fall, Y'all! 

Warmly, Carolina Mama

FTC Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Rayovac. I am a Rayovac Power Bogger.  All opinions are my own. 

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