A Parent's Book of Prayers by Tony Wood

As a Homeschool Mom, I love reading stories and inspiration from other Homeschool parents.  Our friends who have Homeschooled their sons through graduation shared this inspiring story and new book release, A Parent's Book of Prayers.

A Parent's Book of Prayer
by Tony Wood 

They were friends in their early days of homeschooling their children together. She was so excited to share this wonderful book launch. It's something from which every parent can benefit.

Here is a fabulous write up from a fellow Brentwood, Tennessee father, Bob McKinney on A Parent's Book of Prayers by Tony Wood. 

"Those years of petitions are the inspiration behind his book, "A Parent's Book of Prayers," a day- by-day devotional that will be released by B&H Publishing Group Nov. 1.
Featuring a prayer for each day of the year, covering more than 200 different topics (which are indexed in the back pages), the book is something Wood hopes parents will use as a resource as they pray for their own children."
As a Mom, I love the idea of a new prayer for each day of the year.  So awesome. 
My girlfriend who know the Woods and raised their children together shared this insight: 
"Honestly, I think it's hard to know how to pray. I love this book of prayers because Tony is great with words, and puts my wandering thoughts into context. This would be an amazing book to give at baby showers, but honestly, even today I find it's relevant for me to pray over my adult children. This would be a perfect Christmas gift for parents too. Can't think of a parent who wouldn't want to have this book of prayers at their bedside."

The book launches on Saturday, November 1, 2014.  And thanks to Amazon, it is available for purchase via Amazon here. 

Warmly, Carolina Mama

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Leah Simpson said...

I just blogged about this book too! There is another amazing book that is similar: WHILE THEY ARE SLEEPING! Love it! www.simpsondayatatime.com