Successful First Month as a Shaklee180 Blogger

Greetings everyone. Hope you all had an awesome and Happy Easter. We truly did.

This last day of March, I wanted to give you my first month progress report on my Shaklee180 Blogger journey. It is unusual to check stats on a Holiday, right/?! Well, with Shaklee180, guess what, that's okay. It has been an awesome month and I am happy to report a few things.

First of all, I need to share I have to e patient with myself. One of my challenges is that I want success right now, today or better yet, yesterday. And on the weight loss journey success is not always determined by my home scale. Second, time will tell and over the month there was success so I am happily moving forward.

Tomorrow, I will post a video and share with you the products in a brief step-by-step of what my Shaklee180 looks like each day.

And I will tell you that I am exercising regularly. I am blessed, thanks to my Daddy, to love sports, exercise and being active with my family. Thanks to my diet and Shaklee180, I am enjoying things I love even more again.

Next weekend, my family and I are running a 10K together! We are all so excited. I will say we committed and began training in November. However, Shaklee has truly helped me stay focused and to control my diet. I LOVE the ease of coming home from the gym or a run and making up a nice and fresh Protein Shake! I look forward to these. They taste delicious and they truly power me up.

So, drum roll, now for the absolute fun of the program, revealing my numbers. And a huge thank you to girlfriends who are so supportive and who listened to me all month, encouraged me and worked out with me. You rock.

This month I am DOWN:

5.4 .lbs!! Even I am shocked! I worked out this week - our last week before the Race week - and suddenly the scale moved!!

I didn't know it moved and now as I look back at my APP, I am happy I worked so hard at my diet and exercise.

Full disclosure, Easter Sunday, I splurged! I didn't go crazy but I did have some good Southern Cooking and some Chocolate. :) So I could be up a little tomorrow morning. Since I weigh on Fridays now, I am happy to say I am down 5.4.  Yes, I am working hard and yes, Shaklee180 works.

I have lost 1 inch in the waist. :) And 1 1/2 inches in the hips. So a total of 2 1/2 inches lost. Now, I have some miles to go before I am where I was several short years ago. Today, though, we're celebrating! The Easter Beagle bought me a new necklace. It is so fun to celebrate without food. Success!

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions about Shaklee180 or about my diet and exercise, please ask. I LOVE to help others. I admit, it is work, but it is worth it. I feel fabulous.

Early Happy April!


*FTC Disclosure: I am a Shaklee180 Blogger. Opinions are all my own.

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