Daylight Savings with Rayovac Power Up Your Smoke Detector

What are you doing this evening?   We're springing forward - yes, setting our clocks forward so we are ready to take on Spring.  Tomorrow,  Sunday, March 10th begins Daylight Savings time so get your clocks ready and you might as well go to bed early in order to make up the lost hour of sleep.

Also, with Daylight Savings comes changing our our Smoke Alarm Batteries.  Who knew!  Well, this is a perfect time of year to schedule in new 9V Alkaline batteries for your smoke alarms. 

Rayovac makes it easy to Power Up your Smoke Alarm using their 9V Alkaline batteries you can keep your family safe by changing your smoke alarm batteries regularly. 

Just today on the news, due to the storm in the Northeast, homes have been destroyed.  Sometimes with weather conditions, we have advance warning.  However, with fires, there is often no extra time.  So a current and active Smoke Detector could save your life or some one's you love. 

You can learn more about Rayovac Batteries or gather more information on Rayovac 9V alkaline battery products and smoke detector batteries here Rayovac 9V alkaline battery products

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So remember, Power Up your Clocks by Springing Forward one hour and Power Up your Smoke Detectors with Rayovac 9V Alkaline batteries for a safe Spring. 

Have you changed your Smoke Detector recently? 

Warmly,Carolina Mama

*FTC Disclosure:  This post is sponsored by Rayovac.  I am a Rayovac Power Blogger.  Opinions are all my own. 

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