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"LUSH Cosmetics believe in making effective products from fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. And they do not test their products on animals."

My first product to experience was the lovely and pink.... Rose Queen Bath Bomb.   These are so wonderful smelling and soft on the skin. I loved my pampering right at home. 

Rose Queen Bath Bomb 
Full of blossoms, petals and a sensuous new rose fragrance, this one is a splendid, sophisticated bomb fit for a queen. When LUSH co-founder and Bath Bomb inventor Mo first dropped one of these in a tub to show everyone her latest invention, she asked if there were enough petals. Everyone said they thought there was plenty, but Mo went ahead and put lots more in to really spoil us!

These fun Bubble Bath products look like a huge Candy from Willy Wonka's Candy Factory.  So fun and so colorful ...

Pink FUN 
Next time your little sweetie asks you for a treat, satisfy their candy cravings with Pink FUN. This vanilla and tonka scented bubbler delivers a cheerful childhood blast from the past. Resist the urge to take a bite of this bright roll, despite how tasty it may smell. Instead, we recommend you mold this one into a pair of portly pigs or a collection of pretty bon bons, then toss them in the tub for mounds of creamy candy bubbles. Simply delicious!

My boys loved this one.  After all, a huge colorful slice of candy heaven, perfection.  These are very nice smelling. And they are clean and easy.  No after residue and it truly takes a small portion to enjoy and be effective. 

Red FUN 
Our bright and cheery Red FUN is sure to chase away dreariness during dull rainy days and long winters. For an uplifting experience we add a perky dose of orange peel oil. Just one whiff and you'll be traveling through a sunny mandarin grove and fondly recalling a glass of fresh squeezed OJ.

For best results we suggest pinching off a bit and using it on a bath pouf in the shower for a quick pick me up, or crumble into bath water for an extended orangey soak.

The Dream Cream is absolutely silky and so soft for your hands especially in this cold and dry Carolina Winter. LOVE this Dream Cream.

Lush is a whole lot of fun, too.  They have a personal message and photo for employees working on each product.  So friendly and happy. 

Charisma is important to me so of course, I opted for the LUSH Product Charisma.  And I have to say, it is a Mom's dream.  This little dab of luxury is perfect for a little 'glow.'

It was so fun to try out these fabulous and earth and animal friendly products.  Are you a LUSH girl?  Check them out and they will win your heart.

Carolina Mama 

*FTC Disclosure:  This post was sponsored by LUSH Cosmetics. Opinions are all my own. 

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