Our Inauguration Day Four Years Later

The Tigers and I had a grand day which included watching President Obama get sworn into Office of the President of the United States of America. I love sharing this history with our boys.

Somewhere between my update about Malia and Sasha's Fashionable outfits - Kate Spade and J. Crew, what could go wrong, Love! - and the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir's heavenly echoes and Beyonce's amazing rendition (Or, was it Kelly Clarkson) the Tigers and I got to reminiscing and Boulder Mt. Man called. We were all saying, "Remember the snow." "And Mom, we made the Abe Lincoln log houses out of Peanut Butter and Pretzels....!" Oh my, they were so right. What memories!

Kids Activity for President 's Day: Abe Lincoln Cabins

And I had so many thoughts on my mind, too.

I am so glad I got all of this down and what a thrill to look back and see us then! My boys, our life. So today, here's the rest of our Inauguration Day. What four years can do, this year we celebrated with North Carolina Symphony and Manning Chamber Music Concert in Raleigh. And this Lasagna, one of two, is one of their favorite foods. So of course, I made two of these today. They and Boulder Mt. Man love it!

Here's our update. Next Inauguration Day, the Tigers will be 15 years old, driving, and they will most likely still be loving ...

the Beef Lasagna (me, most likely, still loving the gluten-free version. ;) .... it was so good.  Loved the Eggplant in lieu of noodles! :)

The Tigers and me at the Concert. See the Grand Piano. It sounded wonderful.

LOVE this Grand Piano. So beautiful and played beautifully.

Some of the Vocalist who sang, my favorite, the French songs.

Beautiful Peace College Campus.

We enjoyed the Reception afterwards.  So fun.  The Musicians all visited with us. We had a late night. :)

The Tigers studying away and our Poinsettia still red and vibrant! 

The Way We Are.  January 2013. :) 

Now, we are hitting Middle School in stride and they still can't stop dancing "Gangnam Style." ;)

God Bless America!


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