Ask Krispy Kreme Chefs Anything at Krispy Kreme Bloggers Summit 2013

It is Krispy Kreme Blogger Summit 2013 Week!  I am so excited to participate.  Already, I have begun burning calories, and banking up calories for the indulgence that's going to be happening right here in lovely, green :) North Carolina.  We bloggers are taking to the Krispy Kreme Headquarters in Winston-Salem, North Carolina for the fun. 

Amongst the fun is one of my favorite things: Coffee!  Hot Krispy Kreme Donuts and Coffee.  Seriously y'all, we get to create our own Coffee and Donut pairings.  Hello World!  I just knew 2013 would be good. 

Another incredibly exciting activity is that we get to Interview Krispy Kreme Chefs!!  So you get to ask your own burning Krispy Kreme questions.  I will get your some answers.  

Dozen Questions for Krispy Kreme Chefs-  As part of my participating in the exclusive Krispy Kreme Blogger Summit 2013 event, I have the opportunity to meet and interview Krispy Kreme’s Corporate Chefs during a half-hour session.  Awesome! 

So dear readers, followers, family and friends, I am asking you in advance to help me compile my 12 fun and insightful questions for the chefs who help make those tasty treats that we all know and love.  Let the fun begin. 

Have you tried out the Krispy Kreme iPhone and Android APP?  You can keep track of when the donuts are Hot!  

Cannot wait to share your questions.  Just leave them in comments and you can always email me with subject line: Ask Krispy Kreme at CarolinaMama1 @ gmail (dot) com.

In preparation for the Summit, I am sharing my Krispy Kreme Green pedicure.  Kelly Krispy Kreme Green is so of the moment this Spring Fashion sense.

 So I'm ready to roll.  See you at the Summit!  Follow the fun on Twitter @KrispyKreme and with the hashtag #KKBloggers2013 and on the Krispy Kreme Facebook Page.   We will definitely be on Instagram as well.   Thanks for joining this journey and I look forward to your questions.

Warmly, Carolina Mama

*FTC Disclosure:  We are participating in the Krispy Kreme Bloggers Summit 2013 and I am delighted. Opinions are all my own. 

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Aimee @ said...

Ask them if they'll save me a spot for next year! I didn't realize you're at the headquarters in Winston-Salem for the Summit. I grew up in High Point and remain hopelessly homesick for NC. Enjoy your time and the sweet southern doughnuts!