Raleigh Flea Market

Raleigh Tradition continues at the Raleigh Flea Market! 

"The Raleigh Flea Market at the Historic State Fairgrounds has been a Triangle tradition since 1971. Our fun, family-friendly atmosphere draws tens of thousands of shoppers every weekend. The flea market showcases more than 600 vendors, offering everything from antiques and collectibles to handicrafts, furniture, homemade goodies, clothing, jewelry, 
and…well, the list just goes on and on!"

Who knew!   We decided to check out the Raleigh Flea Market today. 
As it turns out, Saturdays are great days and there was still plenty of free parking. 

See, look at this fun!  "SALE!" 

This fun Giraffe print caught my attention as well art he whimsical Lamp! Love! 

The Kettle Corn is only the beginning of the food offerings!  Remember, this is the South y'all. 
So "FOOD" is going to be a large part of the story. And see it... Sweet Tea! 

So of course, my eyes caught this beautiful tureen from China. Isn't she beautiful! 

My "missing Disney" me, spotted these adorable Mickey and Minnie Mouse statutes and 
made me daydream of our Disney Social Media Moms days in April! 

Then my inner Designer fell in love with this ....

And see every kitchen needs this Welcome Bird - the Pink Flamingo! :)  I laughed so hard. 
The Tigers wanted to buy it for me but my inner, "neat girl" said no!  Thank heavens! :) 

The beauty looks like it would brighten anyone's day, every day! 
I love all the sunny colors. 

Then I took a quick and unexpected walk down memory lane, 
Raggedy Ann!  Yes!  A real-life Raggedy Ann!  

She is adorable!  The boys have such big hearts, I heard them again 
saying, "Dad, we 'need' to get that for Mom."  So precious.... so no mistaking, I do not 
need or want this sweet little girl!  Even though I have good memories of her hay day. 

So I told the boys one of my mottos, "I loved my childhood but I do not 
need to relive it!" i.e. do not buy this doll. :) 

We we can look at how cute she is!  My older sister had the set of 
Raggedy Ann and Andy. So fun! 

I almost think they would still be in our Doll House at the Homestead....


Then I came home and got my game on to my gourmet cooking side! 
That was complete success! 

Cajun Tilapia, Fresh Grilled NC Corn, Roasted Broccoli and Kale with 
Fresh Watermelon and Berries. 

Life is good and Summer is coming!  

How was your Saturday?!  Did I tell you we broke a record today, 
20 Yard Sales BEFORE the Raleigh Flea Market!  Yes and it was all a total bust! 
And I am done!  I love a good bargain but not at this cost! :)  However, it 
was fun. And lead to some family conversations about staying focused on what
we set out for early that morning.  :) 

Tell me what your Saturday looked like.  Were you "yarding?" 

Warmly, Carolina Mama 

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