Homeschool Mom's Night Out

We both agreed we needed a night out. For us a night out means, a night off from cooking dinner and cleaning. ;) And answering to, "Mom, hey, umm, Mom, I've got a question...." ;)

As much as I love it, at the end o a semester, a girl/homeschool mom needs a few hours out. And after all, we needed to celebrate another great and blessed year.

My girlfriend and I were on the same schedule - it's time. School's end, testing, end-of-semester!

So we met at a little Italian Restaurant. It was perfect. We talked over sweet tea and pasta.

And we were both rejuvenated get out get together.

How do you get away for a few hours? Do you need it, love it? Of course, I miss my family, yet it is a helpful thing to do.


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jakiesmom said...

that pasta looks so good..Enjoy your summer break