Bonefish Grill Date Night

Bonefish Grill is a perfect Date Night for us! 

We love our local Bonefish Grill!  We have celebrated everything from Mother's Day to Birthday to a 
recent Date Night!  And when the lights turn low and Boulder Mountain Man and I are 
enjoying a quiet dinner....

 This is the perfect Bonefish Grill dinner for me.  See it's ideal. 

The atmosphere is relaxing and fun and the food is fabulous.  Let's talk about the food a minute. 

I had the awesome Chilean Sea Bass with Shrimp and Grilled Asparagus. 
Life is good.  And I had leftovers. See! 

See we were all smiles!  Even throughout our meal. 

Boulder Mountain Man had the Grilled Salmon.  It was fabulous as well. 
The vegetables are perfectly grilled. 

And did I say, we ordered Dessert for Take Out! 

Yes, it was a Southern Favorite:  Key Lime Pie! And it was a delight. 
And it was a generous portion so we shared. 

Afterwards I nearly took a nap on this sofa out front, instead, I just pinned this 
pretty pillow, I like!  I am supportive like that. And I have good taste. lol 

Enter to Win a $500 Gift Card on the Bonefish Grill Facebook Page!  Then you can 
enjoy your own Date Night, Family Night any more. 

We love that Bonefish has fresh seafood choices.  They have excellent service and a fantastic 
and inspiring atmosphere.  Every item we have ever ordered at Bonefish Grill, we loved! 
Our sons love it there and the Bonefish Chef made great Kids fare for our boys! 

Thanks Bonefish for keeping up great quality and service! 

Warmly,  Carolina Mama

*Bonefish Grill hosted us for dinner.  We were fans long before and our opinions are all our own. 

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