Raleigh Tornado Video Devastation Saturday North Carolina

It started out with rain and then moved into an erry darkness with lots of trees brushing this way and that.  And then you could hear it...

I made phone calls to our relatives over in the Triad.  When I rang the phone, all I heard was, "It's bad... we'll call back."  That was the longest time when I didn't hear them call back.  Then I began getting texts that a tornado ripped through Sanford, NC and to look out.  Our power was flickering.

Isn't it something when in a devastating natural disaster, texting is a lifeline.  I was texting various parts of the states and friends in the mountains had more news than we did.

This reminded me in a weird twist of Katrina 2005.  We didn't text back then or it could have been so helpful, or not.  Some things are best unsaid.  Right.  I remember those phone calls my sister got through to us were so golden.  We could call her - on occasion - and she could call back - on occasion.  So you can imagine the chaos.

Today, the Raleigh Tornado as reported by the News and Observer  devastated parts of downtown Raleigh, North Carolina.  It looks awful and it was.

This time last week we were at dear friends perfect Wedding Downtown Raleigh on Fayetteville Street.  We are all so thankful the wedding was last weekend and we had good weather.

We are praying for all of those effected in any way by the tornadoes today.

How did your area of North Carolina fare?  Anywhere else with inclement weather?  Blessings all.

Warmly, Carolina Mama


Laurie of Lulu and Daisy said...

Had a friend from Apex up Friday night and we're so glad she was here. Her house is okay, but drive 5 miniutes and it was chaos. It was far worse in the Triangle than in the Triad (just heavy rain and flash floods in High Point). It really got bad once it got to Burlington. The video is unbelieveable! Glad you're safe!

"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

Our area (near Charlotte) was spared - we did have gusting winds and heavy rain but nothing more.

So sorry for those in the Raleigh area!