7 Things You Should Know About British Royal Weddings

Princesses love Weddings!  And the I love this article and video about the British Royal Weddings which are the quintessential romantic weddings of all time.

In 1981, when Prince Charles and Lady Diana married, we were at Youth Camp. :)  Our Daddy was a digital dad even in 1981, he recorded it on this new device, the VHS! :)  We had our own copy.

Check out these 7 Things You Should Know About British Royal Weddings from Yahoo.com.

1) Traditions!  Even inter-marriage.
2) Venue - West Minster Abby.
3) Dresses!  Typically, the Royal Weddings Brides are conservative and chose "not to show a lot of skin on their wedding day!"
4)  Flowers.  They feature the Herb of Love - the Myrtle.
5) Rings!  The Welsh Gold Wedding Bands are all the rage. Pinkish colored gold.
6) Vows.  They are traditional and include "to obey." Except for Princess Diana.
7) Costs.  British taxpayers pay when their Monarchy get married.

Not sure why this Yahoo Video says talks about Prince William and Kate Middleton's Wedding in past tense.  They will marry on Friday, April 29, 2011.

Check out where they will Honeymoon! :) 

Warmly,   Carolina Mama

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