The Food Effect Launches Internet Campaign in North Carolina

"1 in 4 Children 5 years old and under go hungry in North Carolina." 

"North Carolina ties with Louisiana as the State with the most Hungry Children."  :(

Today was the launch of The Food Effect NC! 

"The Food Effect is an online network designed to educate, involve and unite people in the fight against childhood hunger and the detrimental effect it can have on physical, cognitive and behavioral development. It was launched and sponsored by the North Carolina Pork Council to benefit hungry children in our state through the efforts of the Feeding America food banks in North Carolina."

The North Carolina Association of Feeding America Food Banks and the North Carolina Pork Council (NCPC) have joined to launch an Internet-based campaign to combat childhood hunger in the state.

"The Food Effect campaign is in reaction to the fact that North Carolina continues to struggle with high levels of unemployment and is among the nation’s worst states in the number of citizens in need of food.  This holds true even more for North Carolina’s children. According to a Feeding America study, North Carolina is tied with Louisiana for the highest percentage of hungry children – one in four – under age five."

As a Mom raising young children, this is a topic close to all of our hearts.  No child 
should go hungry.  I got to bring the boys to learn that this is a real problem and 
we can help.  We can raise awareness and give back through 
our own time, talents, and money. You can too! 

The North Carolina Pork Council (NCPC) is the launch partner for The Food Effect, providing crucial seed money. One of the NCPC’s core values is to “contribute to a better quality of life in our communities,” and this initiative is a concrete action toward that end.

"Alan Briggs, executive director of the N.C. Association of Feeding America Food Banks, said, "We have been fortunate to be generously supported in North Carolina.  However, the hunger problem is growing exponentially in a time when resources are under great strain." 

Jill Staton Bullard, the co-founder and executive director of the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle, commented, "All of us here at the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle are excited about this statewide partnership and look forward to a sustained fundraising success that will help support our innovative solutions to create a hunger-free community." 

Speaker of the House Thom Tillis greeted the boys and even talked to one of my Tigers about knitting.  He was very friendly and welcoming to our children.  He let us get a picture with him before the press conference! 

After the Press Conference, we got to see him on the Legislature Floor presiding.  The Tigers found the Legislature very fascinating.  I did too.  And one of the Tigers said, "That's what I want to do when I grow up!"  I can see that.  And I'd love for them to do something great for our world.

The other Tigers said, at bedtime tonight, "Mom, when I'm President, 
I'm going to make a lot of 

We all enjoyed listening in to the Bills on the Floor today.  They were discussing Virtual Charter Schools.

Loved having my friend and fellow MomBlogger, One Moms World there -
we love when we get to work together. 

General Assembly!  We were on the front row!  They treated us so well and warmly.  We were excited!

Other members of the press, government and the Pork Council who sponsored the campaign.

It was a very enlightening day.  We learned about Child Hunger, NC Hunger, The Food Effect and our Government all in one day! 

After all of that Press Conference and Legislature time well spent, we ended our day ...  touring

and learning more about North Carolina...

like any well-respected Raleigh family would do ...

we ended on a North Carolina institution: Krispy Kreme! 

We can all help The Food Effect in several ways.  Check out the website: here and join their 
Facebook here.  As one of the speakers said today, "The Government can't do it all, and we don't want them to do it all."  What can you do to help? 

Warmly,  Carolina Mama

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