North Carolina EF-3 Tornado Confirmed Tracks

The magnitude of the storms is pretty intense in this chart from Chief Meteorologist at News Channel 36 WCNC-NBC TV Charlotte.  If you are on Twitter you can follow Brad Panovich at @wxbrad.  He is very accurate with weather and he is very informative.  We all love to follow him.  

Also, Brad and some of the others on Twitter were great with the information for those of us not able to get it quickly during the storm.  

Do you realize the tornadoes were 63 and 65 miles long!  Craziness. 

Here is the map of the currently confirmed tornado tracks, two EF-3 tornadoes 63 & 65 miles

You can follow Brad and get more Carolina weather information here at WCNC.

What's your weather doing?!

Warmly, Carolina Mama

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Nancy M. said...

It's just amazing how big and how long these tornadoes lasted!