The Skirt Chaser

...give me a chance here.  It's the Skirt  Chaser 5K here in Raleigh. And the neatest thing about it is there is a Kids - FREE Mini Chase Kid's Race
with the DeBooms, the inventor of the SkirtSports.  The Tigers ran their first race at 4 years old and one of Tiger1 won that particular race with a time that beat most of the 8-9 year old counter parts.  They love it as do I, so I think I'll be checking the calendar. 
There are only seven of these events for Skirt Chaser in the country.  So go Raleigh and maybe the Tigers and I will see you there. Anyone else like the SkirtSports?

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Natalie said...

What a funny name for a race.

And, what a beautiful day. Unfortunately, I spent part of it driving back to Shakori Hills because I left my wallet there. Rats. But, I found it.

Anyway, it's great chatting with you on trianglemom2mom. Keep posting! My blog runs on Sundays but I'm trying to post some things during the week, too.