Blue Ridge Mountains And More

Here are some steps along the way of our hiatus recently and long before we took a hiatus from the computer during the UNC NCAA semi-final....   If you haven't been go.  If you have go.  Right!  The mountains always have a new luster and beauty to me wheather as a child, one of five, in my parents station wagon.  And then in the family van - does anyone else remember when they first came out - I'm talking the bed and refrigerator and closet in the back. :)   Since when did the nouveau adults of our generation get on the buzz of van snobbery.  It's kinda funny to those of us who had all the new cars as they came along.  To those who don't know vans were it long before the thing called suv made it's debute.  Maybe the same ones joking, will snob the suv next. ;)
Enjoy the pics version of some of the trip.  There's more.  Have fun and next I'll write about waking up thinking of my Mom this morning. p.s. just check out Mountain Man showing the way - in his element for sure. And the Tigers well, they adapt to most environments just swimmingly.  

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Angela said...

Lovely. I am a Carolina Mama too, but live in the SC low country however we'll be moving this summer.