Don't Miss the Webkinz Day Celebration... know we focus on what really matters around here! So this is also our first Webkinz Day Celebration. How did you make it seven years? You might ask. Well, we believe in solid sheltering. ;) We intentionally decided to venture into Webkinz World this year and oh, the fun it has been.

The boys each have enjoyed their computer games and mainly feeding their animals. More growing up in my book. Whatever happened to our FisherPrice Zoo where we made animal sounds for a couple of hours. We still do that just in person... so Webkinz has earned it's spot.

In other news, it's just another day. One I cherish especially after I nearly got side-swiped in the carline today. Let's just say I was moving very slowly and heard a very loud horn blow. Thankfully! I was changing lanes but where did she come from. There is a speed limit sign posted. But I will not take the law into my own hands. I'm just glad we avoided an accident. And that I am a slow poke. This slow poke is going to be an 'a bit more alert slow poke' tomorrow morning.

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