Recovering UNC Tar Heels

OK, yes, it took a few days to recover from the game we seemingly did not play. Right. Was it just me, well, no. Overall, another exciting year of Tar Heels Basketball. Another Final Four is nothing to balk about - it's just we have the bar so high.

On top of this night, as I tucked the Tigers in bed, I was quietly observing the game when sizzle, pop, my computer monitor went fritz! Maybe that was my omen. And sense the score was K31 UNC10 I knew we were in trouble in more ways than one.

Our pictures were spectacular from the hiatus. Of course, they're forth coming without a monitor and all. Otherwise, life is great, Spring Break ended with a most wonderful visit from our family friends from Florida. It's tough for this mama to get used to her Cherubs being in school after that nice 10 day vacay.

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