Mabel's Labels Are The Best!


"Mabel's Labels...for the stuff kids lose!"

These were in my mailbox when we returned from the Wedding! "Awesome" sums them up! Yes, we have been busy getting back into our routines since the trip but it is a typical state of no news is good news as for my bloggy absence this past week.
Back to my little find above - The Mabels Labels Company is brilliant as far as this Mama is concerned. They are a group of Canadian Moms who know what it is like to lose the good stuff on playdates, family outings and more. So they have done something great about it.

Also, these labels are whimsical, pretty and fun! And they stay on everything. We put them right on the boys' coats, tote bags, cameras, you name it here! The best is that they stick so nicely. The boys dig them. Their responses were almost in unison, "Awesome Mom!" That's what I think. So pop over here and check them out. Order up and enjoy!


Shari said...

I thought I'd pop over here to see your site and found the most beautiful woman! Girl, you look like a movie star with your two boys in that pic....gorgeous! A thought about the labels...can I put them on my 13 year old's homework papers he's supposed to have signed but never seems to know where they are???? Agh! Teenagers! Great site...and fun, too! love ya, Shari

Nikki said...

Wow- weird!! They are based about 10 minutes from my house!