Carolina Mama & Sons

Welcome to Carolina Mama & Sons. I love the Lady & Sons but since Ms. Deen has that covered so well. I thought I had better be true to my Carolina Mama self.

These two are going to be the most darling and handsome little Cherubs a Wedding has ever seen.  On Saturday we'll be in New Orleans y'all for a family Wedding and the Cherubs will be Double Ring Bearers with my girlfriend growing up - her daughter will be the Flower Girl.  These three are all five weeks apart in age.  I know in my heart this is all about the Bride.  She just chose some really cute darlings to assist her on her most important day!  I won't get too gushy, she has appointed me Wedding Coordinator.  That is a first since I officially had the wonderful Miss Claire to Coordinate our day.  We can't wait.  As my girlfriend says just wait until you see them all tuxxed out! :) Lassiez le bon temp roulez!   For you plain folk, that's just Cajun for Let the good times roll! 


Triplet Mama said...

Your sons are precious and they're going to grow up to be handsome young men, that's for sure!
THanks for stopping by my blog!

Ericdaplumber said...

Great Blog..Very encouraging. Great to see your boys getting so big & strong.