I am When Harry Met Sally!

Hey look who I am?! Y'all ought to take this quiz! It's fun and suits - they did things differently than we but the whole romance thing.... !:)

What Romantic Movie Are You?

When Harry Met Sally
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1 comment:

Bev Brandon said...

Thank you so much for your kind comment and taking time to say so! I am a Tiger fan, too! Hot beaudain, cold cous cous...
come on Tigers push push push...
I assumed you meant the real Tigers from LSU! I graduated from there and dated one of the guys on the basketball team for a couple of years and hung out with them, you probably remember them---it was the Pete Maravitch era. See you at Lysa's. I'll be looking for you for if you are really a Tigers fan, we are instant friends, right? I grew up in New Orleans! Thanks again.