Bold Cast IX Guest Catherine Barker

What a joy podcasting has been! I have to tell you how delightful it was to host my next door neighbor on Bold Cast this week! You'll adore her! Catherine Barker is a North Carolina native. She shares about meeting her husband at NC State University! Her thrills and surprises of motherhood and the rewards of starting her first blog!

Her family is very special and you'll love her tips on motherhood and cooking! Get the scoop on one of my favorite recipes she shared right here on the podcast!

Meet Catherine Barker, Author of The Cat That Barked blog!

Catherine Barker @ The Cat That Barked
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Once you've heard the podcast, you'll really love this out take of life with a toddler! :) Mercy! Thank you, Catherine! This was so fun! Love this one of the calm parents! :)

Welcome to Bold Cast with Malise Terrell of CarolinaMamaBlog. She is Interviewing special get
Meet Catherine Barker a North Carolina native! Wife, Mom, School Teacher and Blogger! We're blessed to be next door neighbors! Catherine shares all the good things like how she met Daniel, their favorite foods, Mom life and her Toddler Tips! Thanks for listening.

You can find Catherine on her blog The Cat That Barked at  on Twitter

Check out this episode!

Thanks for listening!

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