BootLeggers Burgers Best of Lynchburg on the James River

Bootleggers Burgers hosted us for a fabulous experience at this incredible restaurant in downtown Lynchburg! The burgers were just the beginning of how amazing it was! They are famous for they delectable burgers. Let's just start here....

Immediately upon arrival, it became apparent the Parmesan Truffle Fries are legendary! So, we ordered an appetizer to share. Yes, they were worth the splurge! They were perfection! 

As we started enjoying the abundant options on the menu, we were tempted with the onion rings and burgers like this one.... The truffle fries kept us calm. :) 

 Let me start properly, Bootleggers is part of a major downtown Lynchburg revitalization right by the James River. The expansive and chic restaurant was built into a cliff that overlooks the river. It's beautiful!

The architects planned a beautiful and spacious outdoor patio dining experience! The landscaping is gorgeous and gives it a European feel. The patio is across the entire front of the restaurant so there are lots of outdoor seating options on a beautiful night like our visit. 

We chose a perfect seat right at the patio so we could enjoy the upscale feel indoors and the outdoor beauty! Here was our view! 

You have to go with intention because you really need to know Bootleggers is there. Our son spotted it as we were looking for parking. Down the stairs and voila! :) It was a fun adventure that lead to our great dining! 

Here is another view of the patio dining! This is the other side of the restaurant. We did go early because Visit Lynchburg let us know how popular it is and we were able to avoid a wait on a Friday night! And it was light enough to enjoy the views! 

Happy place fro the evening....

We loved the design. The wall landscape mural was representing the history of Bootleggers. Very outdoorsy and old Virginian. 

There was also plenty of booth seating for cozy meals with friends and family. 

For a University of South Carolina alumni, the Palmetto "Pimento" Jalapeno Cheeseburger was irresistible so Boulder Mt. Man and I shared the burger (no extra fries were ordered or necessary!) 

... and we shared the incredible Cobb salad! Pretty clearly the calorie count was not minimized though we tried! And we couldn't decide on all of the amazing homemade dressings, so we had choices! :) They were all good especially the homemade blue cheese. 

 The happy well fed family! We were just getting started. Here you can get a visual of the ambiance and fun atmosphere of Bootleggers!

Then, there was an outstanding Chocolate Peanut Butter Milkshake! Summer!!! 
Teenagers can enjoy these things because they've already worked it off! 
And they don't have to hare! Actually, this was the ideal time to splurge on dessert! 

Fun view on our way out after a fantastic experience! 

Again, everything about BootLeggers was well done! Here are more of my favorite, the 
French flower planters on the European balcony! 

Just go! You'll enjoy BootLeggers as much as we did! 

You can check out their incredible menu here!  Enjoy!

Warmly, Carolina Mama

FTC Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Bootleggers of Lynchburg, Virginia and Visit Lynchburg. All opinions are my own. 

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