UNC Children's Hospital Top 10 Best Children's Hospitals in America

Expertise and empathy are the hallmarks that distinguish 
UNC Children's Hospital! 

One of my immense privileges of my journalism work was being asked to join the UNC Children's Hospital Influencer Advisory Board. We have many ties to UNC Children's Hospital including being an alumni child. This was such a natural connection.

We all met and toured the hospital recently and I was more awestruck by the excellence that is UNC Children's.  I'll share some of the things I learned that day and you'll see my inside photographs of the hospital and the amazing pediatric specialty programs that are offered there.

UNC Children's Hospital Influencer Advisory Board

Foremost, the U.S. News and World Report just announced that UNC Children's Hospital Named Top 10 Best Children's Hospitals in America in nine clinical categories! I know why!

UNC Children’s has been named to U.S. News & World Report’s list of “America’s Best Children’s Hospitals" with nine clinical categories honored, up from seven last year.

UNC Children's Named to "Best Hospitals" List
click to enlargePulmonology was ranked in the top ten nationally.

For the ninth year in a row, UNC Children’s has been named to U.S. News & World Report’s list of “America’s Best Children’s Hospitals.”

1) UNC Children's is the only NICU in the State of North Carolina with a March of Dimes Support Specialist. This is such a fabulous resource for moms and families who experience premature deliveries. NICU - neonatal intensive care unit for all children 18 years and under

2) There are NO visiting hour restrictions for parents of NICU babies. Isn't it wonderful parents have full access to visit their babies at UNC Children's! They are open all the time including siblings of the baby. The only exception is during flu season siblings are restricted. As I Mom, I think this is so comforting to have 24 hour access to visit your baby. During the stress and schedule changes that can be happening to an NICU family, open door policy is a blessing!

There are 47 NICU beds available and there are 800 visits a year to the UNC Children's NICU unit.

These knitted hats for for the NICU babies. Look how tiny! There are ministries where knitters donate hats and socks to keep the babies warm. Here is the perspective of how small the premie babies can be.

3) The special infant care clinic follows up with families after their child's stay.

4) Pediatric Anesthesia helps manage the pain in every unit of the hospital. Designed for the children and the expanded service offers a "Child Life Specialist" to the patient. Relationships are built as the children are prepared for surgery. The gap is bridged for the medical procedure.

5) ONE VOICE - usually the Child Life Specialist communicates with the child. They even plan Birthday parties. Recently a Graduation party was planned and celebrated a patient in the hospital for her graduation.

6) The only Children's hospital in North Carolina with 24 hour ER department making all of these services available 24 hours a day.

7) The largest Children's Heart Center in North Carolina.

8) There is a certified school in the hospital at UNC Children's which helps long term care patients continue their schooling at their own pace with individualized training.

There is a certified principal on staff.

The Hospital school keeps it fun and creative! Here is a 

9) The hospital has a Library at the school for patients to research and check out books as needed.

10) The Jason Clark Teen Activity Center allows the teens to have a place to hang out and have fun together and even play basketball! Here we checked it out, too!

Moms had to play a little basketball while at UNC! :)

Lisa, our blogger who helped create the UNC Influencer Advisory Panel, and I got a little competitive! :) So fun!

11)  The Robbie Page Play Atrium is a beautiful and cheerful play area for the children. We enjoyed visiting and seeing all of the fun things available to the children during extended care.

Look how bright and cheerful this is! The children can have some creative play just like the Children's Museum while at UNC Children's Hospital! 

There is a simulation of the Carolina Hurricanes hockey rink donated by the Carolina Hurricanes that is available in the play atrium. 

I was so happy to know the children have this opportunity! They even have music lessons available if the children are interested! My musician mom would love this! 

They have to give me a time limit at "playing basketball at UNC!" :) 

CarolinaMama Playing UNC Basketball 

The teens and children always get excited when the Carolina Hurricanes are involved! 

Throughout the hospital you will see beautiful paintings and art to brighten every possible way the lives of the children and families getting treatment at UNC Children's. 

This New Orleans native certainly appreciated the jazz murals! 

The North Carolina Zoo was visiting the hospital the day of our tour. Take a look! This was fun and educational.

There is an onsite Cafe with many hot meal options, a salad bar, sushi, American fare, Italian food and more! This is helpful to families to have meals available in a food court fashion so they do not have to leave the hospital to get healthy and hearty meals. 

We loved this art work that is at the cafe level of the hospital. 

The views at the hospital are beautiful! Here you can see the beautiful UNC campus from the hospital's generous windows! 

 This was a view from the 6th Floor.

Thank you all for reading and hearing all about the excellence, expertise and empathy that is UNC Children's Hospital Chapel Hill.

I am excited to be on the UNC Children's Influence Advisory Board with everyone. My friend, Leigh of Hindsight Blog, and I are thrilled to be working together again! We even did a little carpool together! We had some great catchup time! 

 We had a great lunch by Merritt's Chapel Hill! The famous BLT (Bacon Lettuce and Tomato) sandwiches! They were prefect!

Merritt's Chapel Hill BLT on Sour Dough

We are thrilled to share all of this great news available to children, parents and caretakers of North Carolina children. If you have any questions for us, please comment below or email me and I will help get you some answers! 

Keep an eye out for the UNC Children's Hospital 5K Walk fundraiser that our family will be participating in this Fall to raise funds for the hospital which is a non-profit receiving very few funds from the state. Please consider joining us! It will be a fun and worthy cause! 

Warmly, Carolina Mama

FTC Disclosure: I am a member of the UNC Children's Hospital Influencer Advisory Board. All opinions are my own. I only align and accept opportunities that I am likeminded with and that I can fully support! I am honored to be a board member. 

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