Toyota Sienna 2017 Top 5 Things We Love

We had the Best Thing happen this Fall - a Family Road Trip in the newest Toyota! The Toyota Sienna 2017!! It was so fabulous to get to Review the Toyota on our recent road trip to the Beach! Here is your first glimpse of our Family comfortably enjoying our road trip! Look how spacious and the Sunroof gives it so much light and beauty! We loved the sunroof with our gorgeous Carolina skies. The beautiful taupe leather interior was a favorite of mine! 

Toyota Sienna 2017 #TerrellTribe by CarolinaMama©

You are reading correctly, the North Carolina Beaches in November!  This happened and it was quite warm and wonderful.  Now, let me tell you "all of the wonderful" about the Toyota Sienna!  Here are our lovely "Tigers!" loving the ocean on this fine November day. 

Topsail Beach, North Carolina #TerrellTribe
Here is a look at the beautiful site of the Sienna packed up for the road trip to the beach. We take all the gear so this is full of Boogie Boards, Cooler, Beach Umbrella, all the things! And it is so spacious.  


We love that the Sienna has 3 rows of seating. So it can seat 7 really well and still have trunk space.  Here are a couple more photos to see the beautiful and bold modern style of the Sienna! Isn't she beautiful! 

Toyota Sienna 2017 by CarolinaMama©

Here is a beautiful view with the Carolina Blue Skies! :) Now, without further ado... 

Our Top 5 Things We Love About the Toyota Sienna 2017: 
1)  Intelligent Tech for a Smarter Drive. Pretty much, the Sienna has ALL the TECH! We love all of the options.  I have to tell you I LOVED the open space driving the Sienna! We transitioned to an SUV lately and I WILL ALWAYS miss the Lovely sliding doors of my minivan! I was always a Proud Minivan Swagger Wagon Driving Mom! :) It fit our family so well!  So, to be back in this incredibly upgraded minivan with all of this space of the Sienna was luxurious!  

*** Our Teens were totally spoiled with The Dual-View Blu-ray Disc™ Entertainment Center  includes a 16.4-in. color display, RCA jacks, two 120V AC power outlets, a remote and two wireless headphones. Its unique screen can display one wide-angle image or two smaller images from separate sources at the same time.

Look at this great view of the Screen! Look with the width of the screen in our car selfies! :)  Our boys loved the big screen, and as before, their movies on the way to the beach! 


Here is a great one from Toyota! 

2)  Parking Assist Sonars.  The Toyota Sienna is has Parking Assist Sonars. These are so helpful and they help you quickly determine the distance between your Sienna and other vehicles with audible warning signals and a color graphic that changes as you draw closer to the obstacle. Here you can see the screen as we navigated to the beach with the in-car GPS! The screen is awesome and it is wonderful to be able to do so many things on it. Parking assist sonars, incredible music, GPS and more. Note: the gear shift on the panel. LOVE the proximity to the steering wheel! 

And Cup Holders! Yes, to the Cup holders! The boys had plenty cup holders in the back and water bottle holders are on all of the doors! American living! :)  Again, we LOVED the placing of the gear shift. It is very conveniently placed by the driver steering wheel! 

3) Stylish and Comfortable.  

We love the sleek look and style of the Toyota Sienna 2017.  It is also very comfortable. - it is spacious and well planned. I LOVE the space in front of the console for my purse!  Yay!! No more purse in the back seat (i.e. in the way of the children / other passengers). This is a great usage of this space. It is so nice to have my bag accessible, yet out of the way! WTG Toyota!  Also, my sons are thrilled the full Gatorade fits nicely in the cup holders! And Venti waters! :) 

4) Power Lifegate and Doors.  Are your hands full?  Do you have your children, your shopping bags and your purse, coffee, keys... ?  No problem, just use the power lift gate! So awesome! I'm just saying, I could have really used this Toyota Sienna feature in 2001! Of course, I can appreciate it all the more now days. 

5) All Wheel Drive.  It's Total Peace of Mind! In North Carolina, we can drive from the Seaside to the Mountains in a few hours so having All Wheel Drive is so helpful. "Sometimes we need to go places when the weather conditions are far from ideal. Sienna is the only minivan sold in America that offers an available All-Wheel Drive (AWD) system."  So, rain or shine, mountains or beach, Toyota Sienna is ready with all-wheel drive!  In addition, we adored the color Predawn Gray Mica!  This was a classic beauty! 


Thank you Toyota was having us Test Drive the Toyota Sienna 2017!  We all give it a 5 Star rating from the #TerrellTribe Thanks for getting us to our destination and back and all over town in wonderful style and comfort! 

All of Us

#TerrellTribe Topsail Beach, North Carolina by CarolinaMama©
Here is a little Insta-Extra! Follow us for more Terrell Adventures. Instagram video of our favorite features at night.  On last glimpse before we sign off....! So beautiful! 



FTC Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Toyota. We LOVED the Toyota Sienna and all opinions are our own. 

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