Chico's Mini - Capsule Wardrobe Fall, Holiday and More

'Tis the Holiday Season and Chico's has all the style and shine you need for a fabulously fashionable season! The best thing about my share is I chose my items! I get to show you how I take (4) incredible key pieces from the Chico's Holiday lookbook and make them into my own unique outfits!

Here's my canvas of my Chico's Mini-Capsule Wardrobe with the (4) items I chose! I'll show you how to make four different looks with these items for four great and versatile looks.

Chico's© Mini-Capsule Wardrobe by Carolina Mama©

1) Biya Cardigan in Renassiance Red. This cozy and elegant ruffles give this sweater a unique look and feel. The fit is smooth so it is a slim look not a bulky sweater feel. I say it is sweater enough to be warm and cardi enough to we are as your outfit. An outerwear jacket would easily fit over the Biya Cardigan.

Here I have it paired with other Chico's items for a classic Chico's look. The necklace is my own. Black booties with a little heal give it a professional look for meetings or spice it up for date night out on the town.  I've already added in the beautiful Rue Zebra Clutch! It is so elegant with this outfit!

Chico's© Biya Cardigan by CarolinaMama©

2) Rachel Turtleneck in Ecru. This versatile piece is one I m already going to much this season. I love a classic turtleneck look for Fall and Winter. This Ecru is a beautiful start to your outfit. You can see I made a casual day outfit. The necklace and fleur-de-lis belt are my own. So, you can easily add your own jewelry and accessory items to this piece. I love that it is substantial enough to be a main top.  It is slim enough to wear under a sweater or vest as the days grow colder. 

Chico's© Rachel Turtleneck by CarolinaMama©

3) Travelers Classic No Tummy Pant in Black.

Here you see the Chico's Black Travelers Classic No Tummy Pant. These are amazing. Every woman should have a pair or three of these. These go everywhere and you look like a million bucks. You can take your outfit up a notch with these alone. (i.e. these are NOT your "leggings for pants" look;) and they are just as comfortable, not see through, etc. )  

The Travelers series is fabulous for year round looks. Truly, they are travelers because you can roll them up with other items in the series for a beautiful look immediately upon arrival. 

Here you will see I have paired the Travelers Classic pant with my Ecru turtleneck and a beautiful zebra travelers piece of Chico's from seasons ago.  That's another bonus, these pieces last season after season. They become your go to for all occasions.  A secret I'll share, the black clutch is my Rue Zebra bag coming up in the next item. :) This is SO versatile as it has the two sides to it! )

4) Rue Zebra Print Clutch with Tassel. This clutch is a dream. Look at it here with a denim shirt of my own to take this outfit to a casual style. I love the zebra print with top zipper, chain strap and leather, polyurethane.This boldly patterned haircalf clutch is touchably soft and impossible to leave at home. I love the versatility of the black side as seen in the outfit above with Zebra jacket. The black balances out or the zebra side makes a fashion statement. 

Chico's© Rue Zebra Print Clutch by CarolinaMama©

Here is a more casual look with the Biya Cardigan, Rachel Turtleneck and the Travlers Black No Tummy Pant! Love these three together for a quick, warm and beautiful look!

Biya Cardigan by Chico's© CarolinaMama©

* Here is a bonus look that I like - this is my everyday! I love this look for going to the park with my kids, meeting a friend for coffee, even a meeting or errands. It's a beautiful look, and put together for whatever the day may hold. 

Thanks to Chico's, I have a lovely new profile picture! This is so fun! My Rachel Turtleneck and tassel necklace are a classic everyday look and my husband captured me on my iPhone! Too fun for this social media Mom! Now, you can go check out the latest Chico's looks and find a perfect match for your lifestyle! 

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Thank you, Chico's!


FTC Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Chico's. All opinions are my own. 

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